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CC&WD have recently joined forces with Buckle Enterprises.  Thanks to this partnership, CC&WD are in a position to continue offering the outstanding local support that you've come to know and expect. We are still locally-owned and operated, so you will have the comfort of knowing that you're being helped from right here in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area. Also, since the owners are also the operators, you can rest assured that the quality and professionalism of services rendered will be nothing less than extraordinary.

With the internet becoming such a necessity for communication, both locally and internationally, and in an effort to save you money, we offer an all-in-one package containing domain registration (.com, .org, .net), web design, and hosting services.  You can sign up for your domain name and hosting right here on this website to expedite a strong web presence. We offer small to medium web design and hosting packages for a fraction of what larger corporations in other states might charge. We can handle every level of computers, from home to small business. We are also capable of offering assistance with printers, routers, wireless devices, hardware, software, installations, troubleshooting, updates, and plenty more.